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Thanks to the manual for featuring me. When I get featured in a publication, I like to put the whole correspondence I had with the reporter for greater context (a lot of times reporters will use only a small amount of what I write) and then link to the full article so you can get perspective from other industry experts as well.

Here is my submission for the Manual:

Grace Under Fire French 75 Champagne + Sparkling Wine At 3 Price Points French 75s are all about maintaining grace, courage, and (ahem) fortitude in the face of battle, and we decided on 3 expressions at 3 different price points to celebrate this. TAITTINGER LA FRANCAISE BRUT NV 49.97 750 ml The traditional Champagne celebre of the literary 007, Tattinger has been exceptional since their revival around the turn of the century by the original family.  It's measured crisp citrus and flower notes position it as one of the great indulgent champagnes, but priced just low enough to entertain for this drink. VEUVE CLICQUOT BRUT NV 29.95 The power and inspiration behind the famous brand has always been women, who remind us that the feminine presents a different kind of powerful elegance.  From the eponymous French widow who pioneered the secondary fermentation process which has become the hallmark of the brand, to Mireille Guiliano, who worked for the brand as she instructed the world with her book on "Why French Women Don't Get Fat."  The biscotti, fruit, and mineral notes pair exceptionally well with gin. GRUET BLANC DE NOIRS 16.99 Gruet is the traditional drink of steely eyed poker players, because it's good enough to enjoy when you're winning, and cheap enough to enjoy when you're on tilt.  The price is reduced because of the location in New Mexico, but Gruet Blanc de Noirs routinely beats Champagnes priced 3-4 times higher in our blind tastings with its notes of baked apple, pear, and cinnamon bread.

Below is the submission for a related French 75 article in a different magazine, this one about gin pairings:

Citadelle Gin + Equinox Harvest This is the best combination for an EXCEPTIONAL French 75.  World War I started in August, with the famous 75 millimeter French cannon taking center stage.  To honor that we like to use what bartenders consider one of the best G&T gins of all time, Citadelle, with it's notes of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.  We pair it with a classic American gin, Equinox, and use their harvest expression to symbolize the American courage and bravery that helped win the war in the Fall of 2018.  The two gins pair beautifully together, with the contrapostal balance of the French gin harmonizing nutmeg and cinnamon notes in the Equinox, and resonating with the lemon, elderflower, orange and clove of the American gin.  An equal parts ratio works best to symbolize victory, bravery, cooperation and goodwill.

You can read the full article here:

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