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Aqua Vitae Institute Large Scale Mixology Activation - 8 Interactive Cocktail Stations!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

On December 6th, we coordinated with Pine Hill events and the team at the Loews Hotel to design 8 interactive cocktail stations to serve a group of 600 people. This event is a great example of our philosophy to educate both sides of the bar, where we create an environment where both professional bartenders and the average person can learn, get behind the bar, and really experience the art and craft of bartending in a direct way, as they get to go behind the scenes and see what goes into making world class drinks.

What is the difference between a cocktail activation and a cocktail class?

A cocktail activation is suited for a larger group of people, but it can also be the best solution when you know some members of the group will be more proactive than others. Activations give people the option to be as dynamic and expressive behind the bar as they wish to be, or they can sit back and enjoy a mini lesson or have cocktails made for them.

What do we love the most about activations?

The thing that we love the most about cocktail activations is the massive amount of volume and energy. It's a lot like being at a rock concert. While a boutique cocktail class that we run can be small and intimate, there is a dynamic energy when hundreds of people are gathered to together that really shines. At first people are content to have drinks made for them, but after a few minutes of watching, the more adventurous come back behind the bar with us, and eventually they drag their friends along. Within the first hour hundreds of drinks are made, and the energy continues to build and build in a way that's really special and remarkable.

Why share the video of this activation?

Of all of the activations we've done, designing prescription recipes for James Beard, creating custom drinks for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, this was among the most satisfying as we paired the personalities of our bartenders with the cocktails they were teaching and presenting. We had refreshing cocktails in giant SUPREME shakers, healthy cocktails with matcha, collagen, and rosewater. Dessert cocktails with cold brew tea, Japanese mocha incense, and astronaut ice cream, and a lot more. It was so much fun to do this and we really wanted to share the energy of the event with you! It was a magical night!

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