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Aqua Vitae Cocktail Class Concepts

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Concepts/Guiding Princeiples

You can think of these concepts as “filters” or “frames” that you use to see the world. These filters inform every drink that we make, and also how we design them. You can look for them in every recipe:

The three concepts we explore in our classes are:

Drink European-

European Drinking Structure

European drinking structure is all about Drinking the right thing at the right time

The classes and tastings are structured so that drinks are consumed in the order that they would be in Europe, with an understanding of the digestive process, and what flavors and patterns will give you the most enjoyment at all times. Learning this process won’t just help you drink better, it will help your mood, your ability to order well in social settings, and your overall enjoyment of drinking.

It’s a little bit like developing your own sense of style. You wouldn’t wear a leather jacket in the summer, or a T shirt to a wedding, but once you know the “rules” you start to enjoy all the different occasions, seasons, and moments of your life with a creative, fearless, effortlessness that comes from knowledge.

Drinking is the same!

European Structure is:

Welcome Water- A spin on traditionally giving your guest a glass of water, we’re a bit more...Creative.

Aperitif Cocktail- A cocktail that starts sweet and ends bitter to awaken the appetite and stimulate digestion at the same time.

Refreshing Cocktail- Light and refreshing cocktails that combine strong, sweet, and sour elements.

Sorbet (Non Alcoholic) Cocktail- A cocktail to relax and enliven you and prepare you for the more intense cocktails toward the end of the class.

Spirit Forward Cocktails- Cocktails where the primary spirit takes center stage and performs a dominant role.

Dessert Cocktail- Creamy, sweet, indulgent cocktails to satisfy any decadent craving.

Closing Cordial- A final digestif to settle your stomach.

Mix American-

American Contemporary Mixology

Mixology evolved with the industrial revolution, and because of that the American attitudes of creativity, innovation, a suspicious regard for tradition, and informality have always informed the creation of cocktails.

This “no rules” attitude is seen in our drinks, that we light on fire, cook underwater, stir, shake, and throw...All to achieve something special, new, and creative to share with you.

Feel Amazing After-

Incorporating Health Seamlessly Into Cocktails

The use of healthy restorative ingredients in our cocktails is something we’re really proud of! In any given class you’ll see: himalayan pink salt or hawaiian black salt, coconut water, ashwagandha root, CBD, NAC SR, kombucha, cane sugar, coconut sugar, raw honey, oat milk, matcha, rose water and more!

The reason we incorporate these things into our drinks is simple:

We don’t want to compromise.

We believe you should feel good before you drink, while you drink, and that you should feel better the day after than the night before.

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