Cocktail Laboratory in Philadelphia

The cocktail laboratory is a full on retreat from a bar into the world of cocktail chemistry. Rather than sipping on cocktails, for two hours you and your team will experience the joy of being cocktail scientists and flavor masters. Taste the flavors of different sugars, salts, and acids and how they interact with cocktails. Play with smoking guns, flavor profiles of acids, dry ice, dehydrators and so much more!

Key Points/Overview

  • An assortment of unbelievable ingredients

  • Get a quick primer into the science of the cocktail

  • Use an assortment of tools from sous vides to syringes in order to build cocktails you didn’t know were possible to ever make


Our Services

Whether you want to host a corporate party for hundreds of people or just want to share a special with your significant other, we can help!

Want a themed birthday party or an engagement party using your favorite? Let us know!

Classes Based On Your Favorite Alcohol

A special cocktail class built for you and a significant other. Explore the wonderful world behind alcohol and build amazing drinks for each other.

We help integrate and immerse your guests with the values and themes behind your charity.


Boston Consulting Group


Shangri-La Inn

State Farm Insurance

Philips Healthcare

Westin Hotels

City of Philadelphia



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